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Chocolate-based products

Real Chocolate Lineup

Diverse packaged chocolate made of a variety of natural ingredient from Jeju-Island, deposited or enrobing-tempered with soft cream and chocolate

Product type
  • Real Orange Chocolate - Jeju Orange Choco White, Jeju Orange Choco Brown
  • Yogurt Chocolate - Plain/Banana/Blueberry/Strawberry/Mandarin Yogurt Chocolate
  • Jeju Chocolate - Mandarin, Hallabong, Raspberry , Cactus, Green Tea Chocolate from Jeju
    (Packaged as Tourist Souvenir, Love Jeju and Beautiful Jeju)
  • Mini Shell Type Chocolate - Strawberry/Mandarin/Hazelnut Chocolate
  • Portable Pocket Type Chocolate - Miniature Dol hareubang shaped Mandarin/Hallabong/Cactus/Raspberry /Green Tea Chocolate
Processed chocolate products

Crunch ball made of barley from Jeju mixed with tangerine/blueberry/cactus and white/brown chocolate

Product type

Tangerine White Crunch, Blueberry White Crunch, Cactus White Crunch, Barley Choco Crunch

* Please refer to our e-catalogue regarding detailed types.